Digital Campaigns.

You’re shifting to digital, but the old rules remain unchanged.

This is !eye.

The only agency you’ll ever need to go to, to create, recreate or enhance your digital or social persona.

Good advertising is still all about using the insights you collect to secure substantial communication that always excites and never bores. Great advertising is still all about knowing the market, knowing the product, knowing the target audience and never allowing your thirst for that knowledge to diminish. Even when you’ve been crowned social royalty, you’ll still need online campaigns if you’re set on gearing up for excellence.

Our digital campaign services include:

  • Programmatic / google ads
  • Banner ads / portal ads
  • Mobile rich media
  • In-article ads
  • Takeovers / mobile video ads
  • Creation of landing pages within your website for specific messaging
  • Competitions via social, widgets or mobile ads
  • Social story and timeline ads
  • Youtube pre-roll video ads
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Native advertising, content ads, online articles and interviews